£15 kylin mini v2 rta

Kylin mini v2 rta with all accessories

Did you sell this pal?

No mate but it dosnt have the spare glass anymore buddy

How much for it posted?

Post it for 20 mate it’s a great tank

It’s advertising for £15? & now no spare glass??

Yeah your right mate sorry post it for 15 my bad dude

Cheers pal. PayPal G&S?


Payment sent :+1:t4:

Cool mate all received I will post for you tomorrow

Nice one :+1:t4:

Hi mate I can’t find the original box for it but I have a protective tube for it to send it in do you still want me to send it buddy

Sorry mate, just seen your message!
Yeah, I’ll still take it. Cheers

OK buddy didn’t want to send it in case you didn’t want it lol mate I’m going to have to send it in the morning now I’m at work till 10pm buddy

I will send it 1st class and theres a custom hand made drip tip on it for you mate

Cheers mate, thanks :+1:t4:

All sent 1st class pal

Arrived today :ok_hand:t4: Cheers pal :+1:t4: