About the Buy/Sell/Trade category

These classifieds are provided as a free service to the registered users of Drip Hacks for the sale and purchase of second hand or used items.

The Drip Hacks Classifieds are free for all private sales, it’s there primarily to provide an opportunity for you to sell those unwanted bits and pieces that you have no need for that someone else may well be desperate to get hold of.

All transactions must be sold through PayPal goods and services, NOT bank transfer or PayPal friends and family.


I just want to swap or sell some bottles that are not my favourites…why make it so difficult? Surely by using PayPal you are safeguarding the community :woman_facepalming:t2:

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It is a paint yes but for the benefit of us all so it’s one of them :man_shrugging:. I’ve got plenty I’d like to trade but I can’t do so without putting in the work, only fair if you ask me. Just my opinion though of course :).