Cbd advice

Hi all, my dad is really suffering with his back and Achilles heel, he has a prolapsed disc and a few squashed ones he is 67 still working but some days can barely walk.
Do you think that CBD would help him with the pain and where would I get the oil or gummies I don’t really trust Amazon or eBay but I know someone here would know
Thanks in advance

I like herbaleyes as a vendor, also had good luck with gradedgreen. If your dads a smoker, it might be worth trying the “flower” in a preroll or something as it works out the cheapest and most effective. Don’t go overboard on spending as it’s not for everyone.

No one can say it will definitely help, it probably will, but everyone is different & the best thing to do is try it & see. Vaping cbd is one of the more effective methods but it’s also horribly cost inefficient, I usually recommend people try flower/pre rolls or the oils you pop under your tongue

Gummies etc usually have quite a low cbd dosage but are good for consistent dosing so if you want to make sure you are taking the same amount each time then Gummies or edibles are a good shout

Ok wicked thanks guys he’s a non smoker and doesn’t vape so I’ll try the oils first

I use LVWell CBD – Winterised THC Free (Oral) – 1000mg Broad Spectrum - 1000mg.