Ex vaper, finds cupboard full of drip hacks gold

Evening all.

I used to vape some time ago and found all these in a cupboard that I’d totally forgotten about. I messaged Bobby through Facebook as I didn’t know you couldn’t share sale posts etc on there. So was advised a few months back to join the forum to be able to sell. Finally made it here.

As far as I can remember these will all be 3mg, no less no more. I always mixed at 3mg.

These have been sat for a while so really well steeped.

Just realised can only post one image so here’s them all together as I’m a new member limited to one image.

Calculated volumes by measuring out a 250ml bottle of VG which will be thrown in first bundle.

First bundle

Palma violet X 2 approx 250ml both bottles
Blue 2.3 exe Just under 200ml
Acid drop approx 200ml
Pineapple blitz just under 250ml
Orange sherbert just under 250ml
Apple sours approx 100ml
Cheery cola approx 75ml
Raspberry sherbert approx 120ml
Strawberry lemonade approx 130ml
Halfway pear approx 150ml

All within BB dates soonest being July 1 bottle rest show September onwards 2021.

This may help identify their age as I really can’t remember.

Job lot on these 250ml bottles £40 + postage and fees covered. UK mainland only. Highlands would be at extra cost.

All nozzles to be taped and will be vacuum packed and well packaged. Sent on a tracked service. Tracking info supplied too.


Second bundle

Got some oldies that maybe of interest to some too.

all in old Hackshot branded bottles no BB dates on so unsure on ages.

Approx 130ml Blue Slush
Approx 130ml Black slush
Approx 100ml Cryo Mango
Approx 90ml Cryo Fantasi
Approx 300ml+ Black Mamba

£20 for job lot of these + postage and fees covered. UK mainland only.

Or if someone wants the lot make me an offer.

I use interparcel.com so can offer various postage options and costings.

Happy for admin to verify my purchases my email should match my online account.

Happy vaping.


How much for the lot. Thanks

Please add a pic with name and date

Definitely interested but can pay till 12th

50 + postage and fees covered

Done :slight_smile:

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Give me your PayPal and I will get money to you

How much for postage

All bottles sold. Thanks