Mesh rda thoughts

Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone has used or is using a mesh rda? Which one?, What’s your thoughts, pros n cons?
Have tried most things vape but not mesh and getting bored with current set ups :joy:

I’ve the Wotofo Profile original and Profile 1.5. Flavour is unmatched in my opinion, can’t hardly get dual coil RDAs that compares. Cons: you’ll need a lot of cotton and you need that cotton drenched at all times, as dry hits can be unforgiving.

Appreciate the info. Is there that much difference between the og and the 1.5 ?

The mesh strip is wider with the 1.5 so there’s more surface area for liquid to vaporise. Other than that, I can’t really tell any significant difference.

What I’m after these days is the Profile M RTA. A friend of mine swears by it, says it’s retires his Kylin M LOL

Yes heard good things about that. Thx

I can confirm the “mesh profile” is the dogs bollix, how ever, What I seem to suffer from is “liquid leaking into the chamber” and you start gurgling on it.

I have to wick it using the “dam” method, where I don’t put any cotton down into the juice wells, but rather use the cotton as a dam to stop the juice saturating it.

Once it’s wicked then it’s a banging tank, and you can vape just about all the juice out of it toke after toke.

I had the “kylin” but that ruined all my mods by leaking …

Have fun :slight_smile:

I can relate to this with my profile 1.5, the amount of times I’ve had it leak on me or I’ve had to shake it upside down to get rid excess juice is unreal

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Try the “DAM” Method mate, it really does work…