WANTED full setup

I’m looking for a full setup either RTA or Squonk and maybe even pod system or AIO

My budget is around £100

Please PM or comment with pics

Thank you

Got an odin 250c & m25 setup I’d consider letting go?

How much are you after think it will be put my price range

As I’ll need charger and batterys and accessories

After 100 for it mate, I haven’t got a spare charger but I’ll throw in a pair of 21700 batteries?

My paranormal and Juggerknot Mini are a perfect setup. Listing is up here.

80 mate

£70 posted

Supbox 45 posted

Hi Paul, what’s this and is it still available please

Messenger me mate

Hi there mate I don’t have that setup but I have the updated version for sale same price mate

Ok, been a while since used rebuildables…is it easy to wick. I take it flavour is v good?

Yeah very easy mate and flavour is amazing mate

Anyone who knows rebuildables would tell you your buying something special mate the tank is awesome and so is the mod YouTube them buddy

Have done, yeah i got that itch again for new gear. PayPal ft ok or gs

PayPal gs I think lol mrburnett79@hotmail.com

It £80 posted , would you have a decent coil you could throw in for £?

If we do 85 I will sort you 5 coils mate

Appreciate it. Sending now