Wtb qp violator

I’m thinking about getting a new set up sorted in April, so I’d be looking for a violator if anyone is selling one and a nice mod to match it.
Any suggestions for the mod

Hiya,i may well be selling my Violator soon so keep a eye out here in the next few weeks,I’ve just stuck a new build in it with one of the smaller airflow slots to see if i can get it more suited to my style of vaping but i fear I’m on a losing battle and sadly it’s just too much airflow for me personally,give me a week or so and if i decide to let it go I’ll tag you when i put the post up,it’s Black in mint condition with box and all spares.

Not got the money till April :slightly_frowning_face:

Im also going for a new violator setup (arrived today) so lemme know what ye decide on in the end. Got the Odin 200w, but fancy a new mod to go with the tank, possibly my first DNA. Got a budget of about 150. Still browsing lol.

New Juggerknot Mini is available for pre-order on the QP website. Might be more your thing?

Yep I’ll wait until they hit the UK and nab one i think Jon,i like the Jugg V2 so worth the punt the Violator is just far too much airflow for my liking although the airflow is as smooth as silk.

I’ve got a dna 250c lipo 400w for sale give me a shout

Mine is here. Waiting for some wire to build it but looks cracking!


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Very noice indeed, I’ll look forward to grabbing one it looks the tits,let me know how you find it and most importantly can it be cut down on airflow for a nice (not forced) restrictive hit,lovely colour choice too enjoy Jon.

Well totally unrepresentative I’m sure but trying it without a build in it, it’s just on the restrictive side wide open. Half closed it’s at my sweet spot (about a 2 second relaxed draw. Mostly closed it’s tight but not quite MTL tight. Throughout it’s smooth and quiet. A big improvement over the original I’d say. So is the fill port - reverse quarter turn bayonet top fill like the Fatality.

But the build deck is completely unchanged. Which is a relief. I’m excited to try it but don’t want to throw in a crap build first time. Just wish I’d ordered wire a day earlier…but I was expecting a tax bill from the courier that didn’t materialise so it arrived early.

Sounds good, it’s basically a Jugg V2 single coil mini but i like the V2 and it’s a good vape,I’ve not always enjoyed single coil RTA’s but the MR sounds and looks nice so definitely worth a shot,now the wait for a UK vendor :wink:

Well it cost me 60 quid altogether including express delivery. I expect it won’t be much cheaper once it’s in UK shops…if you don’t fancy waiting that is.

I’m happy to wait to be honest,i agree it won’t be a lot cheaper but I’m honestly not in any rush and i see no need to risk custom charges,also I’ve just seen Reload are coming out with a new one so that might just throw a spanner in the works as i absolutely love the Reload 26 and the new one is a single coil :man_shrugging: may just have to grab both :facepunch:

I expected the tax man to bite but looked it up and because they’re from Canada, commonwealth country and all that, there’s no customs on anything below about 200 quid. Which is nice.

I’ve just built the MR and I have to say it’s amazing. And it looks phenomenal on my new Thelema. So I’m a very happy bunny.

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Looks the absolute business :fire::fire::fire:
That the SS or Gunmetal ?


Just ordered :wink: went with the Stainless in the end as it’ll sit on my mods better,£53 from EcigOne so a pretty reasonable price and I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

It’s actually come out for some reason as £50.21 :man_shrugging: I’m not complaining I’ll take it :facepunch:

You’re right I misread it. £50.06.
Now I’ve got a tenner I didn’t know I had. Cheers! :laughing:

Oh I missed that you got it ecigone.
It’s a cracker either way. I love it. :grin: